Cast of characters

A Mo family. Photo by Carolina Dahlberg.

All the characters in the scenario will be available to read here
 (before sign up starts 14.04.2018).

The game will consist of three groups of characters:


The town of Hammar

Hammar is a low status town. It is the city of Hammar that is host for the this years Brudpris. So the men’s council of Hammar has the final word over matters happening at this years Brudpris

Hammar has more boys, than girls that are ready for marriage this year, which is a rare sight these days


The town of Dalen

The town of Dalen is a high status vally town. But the fact that Dalen doesn’t have enough boys for their girls has forced them to the Brudpris at Hammar, to make sure they’ll get all their girls married away and keep the vitality in check.


The deserters

A small group of deserters from the big war beyond. They have come to Mo to hide, settle down and forget the gruesome war.

Will life in Mo suit these children of the outside world?