”The Mo folk live almost entirely isolated from the modern world. They are in many ways a complicated people, with customs that seem alien and perhaps frightening to those of us more accustomed to more civilised behaviours. This being said, I have found myself invited to one of their great celebrations and received a warm welcome at their tables and in their homes. Below follows a description of my experiences with this strange people.

”The observant reader will notice that I have not written much on the life and doings of the women. This is due to the fact that I, as a man, am not allowed to mix more than is necessary with the women of the Mo people and never without a man from the family. Not that they are scared I might endanger their safety or honour, but for fear that they should endanger mine.”

Excerpt from ”The Mo Folk – an analysis and anthropological study” by Ethan Rickman


Welcome to the homepage for Brudpris, a larp about honour based culture and the family relations within it.

This is the third and fourth run of the larp by Anna-Karin Linder Krauklis and Carolina Dahlberg.

These two runs are organized by Mads Dehlholm Holst, Mads Havshøj and Oliver Nøglebæk, as well as the original authors, in cooperation with A New Hope.

The larp will be held in Gammel Rye, Denmark.

English language run 29/9 to 2/10 and Scandinavian language run 27/10 to 30/10, 2016.