Cast of characters

A Mo family. Photo by Carolina Dahlberg.

The current descriptions are first draft versions, some are more complete than others and all will have further work done. Consider them more as examples than what you will actually play

The game will consist of three groups of characters:

The town of Hammar

The town doesn’t have the best of reputations. It is Hammar that is host for this years Brudpris, so the men’s council of Hammar has the final word etc.

Hammar has more men that is ready for marriage then they have girls, which is a rare sight these days.


The Bjørn Family – The Alderman’s family

A high status family. A very solid family, but the trouble between the boys might put cracks in the Aldermans surface.


As the Alderman, Bjørn is responsible for the town working well and he gives this work his every ounce of energy. He wouldn’t be able to do it without the inspiring Naya at his side. Bjørn knows that many of his fellow leaders in the Men’s Council are troubled by things happening in their families, but honor keeps him from helping them directly. Instead he has taken charge of leading the communal efforts wherever possible, but he still wishes he could do more for them on a personal level. Bjørn is blessed with two strong and clever sons, always trying to outdo each other to prove their worth and value. The competition has gotten fiercer as the reality of the year Beyond and the trials afterwards come closer, but no son of Bjørn would ever back down.

Naya Bjørns

Propriety and good manners are what sets the Bjørn family that little step above the other families in Hammar, Naya has made sure of it. She loves setting the example and being a guiding light to the women of the town. It’s been hard with the two boys always being at each other’s throats in all things, but she could always count on Bjørn to back her up when situations need a man.

Except that now for the first time, Naya wishes her husband would focus more on his sons than politics. Before the rituals conclude, he must choose which of them will succeed him. She knows they aren’t perfect and she herself would never be able to pick a favourite, but her husband must do so. Maybe one of them grew while away?

Aksel Bjørns

Aksel is the oldest boy in the Bjørn family. He is an emotional and tightly wound boy, who isn’t good at being social with the other kids. But he has two very close friends: Gustav Emils and Folke Tages. They have been inseparable since forever, always playing and exploring together. Just boys having adventures. Then Folke turned darker as he grew older and the group began to bully the children in town. Aksel is terrified of losing his only friends if he breaks with Folke, so he goes along with whatever Folke decides to do.

Lately it’s been harder not thinking about what he is doing, as Folke has turned his mean streak towards Gustav. Aksel desperately want to believe it is better to be on top, than out in the cold. The problem is also that his younger brother Erling has grown bigger, so Aksel can’t beat him as easily anymore. Still, with the help of Folke and Gustav, Aksel can keep his position as strongest in the family. Strong enough to inherit his father’s title. Though being on top in this way is less fun, than Aksel it used to be when it was just a brotherly matchup. He hates how it’s driven a wedge between him and his brother. Aksel wishes he could just call the contests off and have his brother back.

Erling Bjørns

Erling is the younger brother. Erling is kind where Aksel is rude, but Erling is also soft, when Aksel is strong. Still, Erling has never lost a race or a stick fight to Aksel if you ask him, not one that mattered anyway. Erling has always had competitions with his brother and is too stubborn to give up on anything. Erling knows that he is the cleverest of the two, he usually wins by outsmarting his brother. Erling also believes himself better suited to the role of Alderman than his brother. Once they’re men, Aksel can no longer lean on his friends, but Erling will still have his smarts and determination. Maybe if Aksel could stand up to his friends, he might have what it takes to be Alderman. Erling doesn’t know what his brother would do if he didn’t get to follow their father and he dreads to find out. Erling doesn’t want to be Alderman if it costs him his brother.

The Lauges Family – The oathkeeper family


The Oathkeeper family in Hammar. The family is of very high status and many expect that Lauge will be just as good or even a better Oathkeeper, than his father was. The family might be new to the task, but they are ready for it. But they also know that this Brudpris will be very important for how Lauge will be viewed as a Oathkeeper in Hammar, but also in Dalen and therefore the rest of Mo. So there is no room for mistakes, not from Lauge nor from his family. So the family has to put a lid on any issue that arise and Ina need to step up to the job as the Oathkeepers wife flawlessly.


Lauge is a young man and a very young Oathkeeper. Lauge is a firm man and he does not accept any objections on things that are his domain. He has kept his household with a strict, but fair hand. He raised his two girls to be prize examples of what a woman of Mo could be. Even without a boy he didn’t worry about their Brudpris being a problem. But then Birka ran off one dark night and didn’t return. The rumours started swirling and he became less certain of the future. And how much he would have to pay to get his remaining daughter married well.

Then, on top of that his mentor passed suddenly. Lauge was cut adrift without his guidance and wearing the heavy mantle of Oathkeeper. But Lauge would not let that break him. He rose to the challenge and even managed to secure a Brudpris exchange with the more respected town of Dalen, on good terms.

This will in fact be his very first Brudpris to run on his own after the old Oathkeeper died. But Lauge is not as afraid that he will be unfit for the task of upholding the standards of the Brudpris, but more if Sondre from Dalen will accept not to be in the lead, as is his place as a visiting Oathkeeper. As long as there won’t be any distractions on the home front…

Ina Lauges

Ina knew at an early age, that she would marry well or extremely poorly. Her whole life she has struggled to keep her dark sides under control, and she hasn’t had much time to think of anything else. It took all of her self-control and luck, but she got herself married to Lauge, the next Oathkeeper of Hammar. Lauge’s firm hand has helped Ina immensely since then and she is forever devoted and grateful to him. Almost grateful enough, to forgive him for letting her daughter run away. Ina will not let him do anything wrong with her remaining daughter, Ronja.

As the oathkeepers wife, Ina is responsible for the women’s ritual. She has done this several times with the old oathkeeper wife, but this is the first time on her own. Ina is happy that the Brudpris is together with Dalen, it will mean a better future for the children of the town. But most of all, it means that Ina will have a very experienced oathkeeper wife present, that she can impress. And with the many women and girls coming from Dalen, Ina is sure that this is going to be a powerful and perfect ritual, so Lauge can be the man he is destined to be and for Ronja will find a husband, to help her grow into the woman she was meant to be.


Ina is the sister of Linn Magnes.

Birk Lauges – formerly Birka Lauges

Birk knew from an early age that he could never have someone telling him what to do. Even as the young girl Birka, he was defiant and willful. Later came doubt and confusion about who he really was, but never doubt in his desire to be free from the authority of others and that the growing vitality would shackle him hard.  Birk knew his life was meant for bigger, grander things than being some forgotten wife. The only person who really knew why Birka was such a troublesome child was his sister, Ronja. The two girls have always been close and shared secrets and plans, backing each other up. It was utter agony, leaving Ronja without a proper goodbye, but a girl running from Mo can’t afford to take risks.

The time in the Beyond was paradise at first. There, women are free to do or be anything they want. Birk threw himself at the opportunities with little thought. But the bigger world is also cruel and uncaring. Soon Birk felt the tugs of homesickness and the heartache of not seeing his sister. So he made a hard choice and chose to return. But as a boy, soon to be man. Birk is knows that he will pass the test and be counted as a man, he is too much your father’s daughter to let anyone or anything stop him. The real question is if he can be enough of his father’s son to take on inheriting his office?

Ronja Lauges

Ronja has been told to expect her life to change when the vitality grows within her. That she will be a danger to all. That she will need a hard hand to steer her. But that hasn’t happened yet. Ronja is a quiet, thoughtful girl who dutifully listens to her mother’s teachings in how to be the wife of an Oathkeeper. But will that happen? Will she ever be the fountain of life everyone tells her she will be?

Ronja used to be so sure, when she sat up at night whispering with her sister Birka. The two of them picturing their grand futures and finding comfort from their fears. But that disappeared with Birka leaving one night. Leaving Ronja alone, as the only one who knew why her sister left. The questions hung over the empty seat at dinner, but Ronja didn’t dare reveal her secrets to her parents. Instead she doubled down on being the good, obedient girl that made her parents proud. If Ronja could find a good match, maybe her parents would find some peace.

When Birk returns instead of her sister, the doubts will reappear too. Who is Birk now? Is their friendship still as intimate as before? What will it mean for Ronja’s own future? Would a future Oathkeeper marry someone from a family like hers?

The Stewards Family – The Ulfs family

Used to be a family with a quite high status, even for a Steward. But when the two first boys of the family went for their year Beyond, they never came back and even their first daughter also went missing in the same year, some honour and status was lost.



Ulf is a powerful man in Hammar. As the Steward, he is in charge of making sure all practical matters are in order. He has done this infallibly in many years. He has five kids in total, three from the first wife Ester and two younger from the second wife Liva. The three elder kids, two boys and one girl all went beyond a few years back and none of them came back.

Ulf have not had time to really grasp the loss of his three eldest children. Or to grieve. His beloved first wife Ester has needed him strong ever since. He’s buried his own feelings and pain deep. Ulf doesn’t blame Ester, no matter how hard she is to live with. He just does as a man should, even the hard things. But nothing seems to help her. Nothing her or his other wife, Liva, does has eased the suffering. Ulf is afraid of how the family will be after the remaining children leave the household.


He knows he needs to pass his mantle of Steward to someone ready to take over soon, so he can devote more time to his women. But is his last son that right man to be Steward?


Ester Ulfs

Ester is the first wife of Ulf.

Ester is a broken woman. She lost all her three children to the Beyond. She is constantly haunted by images of what could have happened to them. And why her daughter would run away too. She fears having been too hard on them, too strict and demanding. Or too soft and yielding. There are no answers. Just a void. She wants to scream at Liva and beg her to do better with her own children, but the words turn to angry reproach and demands instead. Ester knows she is a heavy load on the family, but she just has too much pain to stop herself. She wants Ulf, Liva and the children to be happy, but she can’t figure out how to say it. Maybe she can find a way to show it at the Brudpris, before it’s too late.


Liva Ulfs

The second wife of Ulf

Ester and Liva used to be a perfect example of wives working together. They ran the communal kitchen and supported each other. But then Ester’s children went away to the Beyond. And never returned. Ester’s heart broke and her mind nearly followed. Ulf and Liva tried to help her through the grief, but everything they tried seemed to only make the dark feelings worse. She lashed out at everyone. Ulf could barely contain her outbursts. Liva drew back and in that, closer to Ulf. Liva tries hard to never do anything that would make Ester jealous or hurt her. But it has been hard, when also preparing her own to children for the rituals. Hopefully taking Ester through a successful Brudpris will ease her suffering.

Trine Ulfs

Trine thinks that Ester always were to hard on her kids and can see why her older sister ran away. Knows how to show the facade of a good girl, but dreams of what sort of life her sister might live in the Beyond when no one is around. But Trine doesn’t dare to run away, she has heard to many horrible thing about the wars in the Beyond. Trine is hard working, always on the move, either working or pursuing fun. She has lots of friends in Hammar, so she have not spend much time with her younger brother. Her vitality is not strong and she hopes that by being a good girl she can help regain some of the honour the family lost, when her three older siblings ran away. But most of all Trine knowns that now she is the only girl in the family and she doesn’t have to compete with anyone. Now she just need to talk her dad into making sure she get’s a good marriage. She has the skills to a good wife to someone important. Being wife to the alderman sounds like a plan.

Linus Ulfs

Is the youngest of five kids and of three boys. He never had to worry, because his two older brothers always took care of things for him. Neither did he think that he would be anything special, which was sort of a comfort. Linus could spend his time on his own quiet pursuits. But now his father looks to him to become something. To be the one to carry the honour of his family to the next generation. The year Beyond was terrifying. Linus had nightmares of what might have taken his two older, stronger brothers. He wishes he had been brave enough to search for them, but ended up just keeping his head down and surviving the ordeal.

On the way home he met a group of outsiders. One of them was a Mo boy named Malte Geres. Linus realized that Malte and the group was heading for Mo without any real plan. Linus knew that it has for some time been a problem that there was not enough boys at Brudpris. Linus invited the group to come and stay at his father’s place and to participate in the coming Brudpris using the Mo rules of hospitality. Linus did this to gain some honour in bringing some boys home to the Brudpris. Malte seems relieved over the offer.

The Magnes Family

The Magnes Family – The magistrate family. A family of close to high status.
A very well functioning family, where all rules are kept. But underneath the strict surface it is a family of love, at least it was before Thormod left for the beyond. Now the family is a bit crippled.


Magne is a calm man and holds his office well. He has solved many a issue about status and honour in Hammar and is well liked in the town. When Magne is forced to take status from a family, he always make sure that the man losing the status knows why and what he must do to regain status and honour.

When Thormod did not return from his year away. Magne had the worst crisis of his life.

He had to give his promise of inheriting the office to Tage to raise the funds to get Tuva married. Magne has felt awful about this choice ever since.
And to make things even worse, now Thormod is back and Magne really whats to give his office to his son and break his word. He knows that his honour will suffer from this, but will Thormods honour suffer?

When Magne, or Agnes as he was called back then, was nearing the time to become a woman, he knew that he was a man. So he ran away from home at the same time when the boys from the town left for their year beyond and returned the next year, to become a man. When home again and passing the test, all the things that had been wrong before was now right: she became he and Agnes became Magne.

Linn Magnes

It was not in her plan to get married to Magne, and she was quite unhappy about it in the start. But soon she found out, that Magne was a nice and caring man, but also firm enough to keep Linn’s vitality in check. She has grown to love Magne and see him only as the man he really is. And with love came the children, after long sleepless nights.

Linn does not understand Magne well enough to understand that is happening in his head right now. The issue about Tage and Thormod, here Linn is not able to help Magnes inner turmoil. But she will support him.


Linn is the sister of Ina Lauges. They are very fond of each other and Linn has often used her sister knowledge to help guide her in her life with Magne

Thormod Magnes

Thormod was always a good boy. He respected his elders and learned how to keep track of the town lineages and promises as the future Magistrate. He was the obvious choice to take over his father’s office. But when he went for his year beyond, he did not return.

Thormod had to face a reality where things did not go along straight paths and nothing made the sort of sense he had learned to expect. He soon fell into trouble too deep to escape. His naivéte still makes him shudder.


Now Thormod returns. One year too late. His family had though him lost and had given  – that comes home one year late. Resolute and scarred from his captivity in the war-torn world outside. All the time, Thormod feared losing his place as his father’s successor while trapped in the Beyond. The only thing keeping him alive during his captivity, was romantic fantasies and memories of all the good things in Mo. Thormod comes home expecting a lot from his family, but will they deliver?

Tuva Magnes

Has tried so hard to be a good girl, ever since Thormod disappeared, to be less of a burden to her father. Had to grow up much faster than her friends.
Tuva is very resilient and resourceful. She pities her father, but respects her mother.

She is held in high regard among the other girls, and many expect her to be married to the next Alderman, as she has a fair amount of vitality, but is very well controlled.

But Tuva is lonely. She has a secret longing for a husband that will – unlike her father – be a real friend and a worthy partner. This is against everything that the Mo culture thinks about what a marriage should be and she knows this.


The Emils family

Proud family with not that much money



Is a very proud Mo man. Emil knows that he doesn’t really understand other people, but his life with Laura and the kids are simple enough for him to understand it.
Has not had sex with his wife ever and is very proud, that he has been able to shoulden his burden that well. His wife is very full of the vitality, so she has still given him two sons. Emil knows that he is supposed to have sex with his wife, but she seems happy and they have gotten the kids they need. So Emil does not really see this as a problem.

Laura Emils

Is quite happy with her husband, who treat her like a Mo man should. With that little exception of them not having sex ever. Laura knows that she is full of vitality and has some needs. These she has satisfied elsewhere and Emil seems not to care.

Emil is generally nice to Laura and Laura makes sure he does not get any reasons to be hard on her except a few times in public, to keep up the appearance. Emil seems to be happy with this arrangement.

It is very important for Laura that no one finds out, that Emil is not the dad of her kids, as that will ruin the simple and free life she has now.
(It is up to the the player of Laura has to find out who is the actual parent of the kids. It could be Carl, It could be someone else in the game or out of the game.)

Troels Emils

Gets bullied by his younger brother, his sister and his friends.

Has an idea that something is wrong with his father and mother and the way the live. It is somewhat different from the other families in Hammar.
Troels has always fantasizes about “being special”, about having a secret fate and a grand gift somewhere. He just doesn’t know what that is.

He is also kind of lazy and is always on the lookout for quick solutions. He was planning to stay Beyond, but when he discovered how harsh life was out there, he returned, certain that his grand fate (whatever that is) will be fulfilled in Mo.

Has been a daydreamer, always. Will he wake up?

Gustav Emils

Gustav feels lost and alone. All of his childhood he was part of an inseparable trio of boys with Folke Tages and Aksel Bjørns. They did all sorts of things together, that Gustav would never have been brave enough to do on his own. Later, as they grew bolder and bigger, they were respected by the other kids, than feared. Gustav rather enjoys being feared. Even his older brother is scared of him and his friends.
But right now Gustav is the one who is afraid. Afraid of Folke, who one day decided that Gustav needed to be bullied and beat up. And Aksel just followed. Gustav knows that if he breaks with Folke it would be the end of him. No one else in town would want to be seen with him, for fear of retribution. So he just saves it up inside and dreams of better days.

Luckily, it won’t be long until the trials and marriages. For Gustav that is a chance to start over, with a good wife, a farm of his own and strong sons of his own. No more pack. Just a chance to be like his dad, a good, solid Mo man.

Niela Emils

She is looking forward to getting her own family started, but doesn’t really know what it entails, since hers is not exactly a good example. Niela tries to act like she is much older than she feels on the inside. And so she hates when people treat her like a child.

Niela knows very well that something is not normal between her parents but everytime she tries to ask she is just hushed to silence by her mother.

Niela really wants to prove herself in front of the other girls, so she can be persuaded into doing a lot of stupid things. Last harvest they got her talking into singing out loud on the town square. She still bears the marks from the punishment she took after that. But the look on the other girls was it all worth. Niela is afraid of nothing.

The Tages family

A mid status family with good wealth.



Strict and angry dad. Unfulfilled ambition has burned inwards. It all started when he married the wrong woman. Tage was supposed to marry a strong woman, to show his strength as a man. But he was tricked in the negotiations and ended up with a nice, well-mannered girl but no great prestige and no office in town. Outwards it’s a good, solid Mo family. But it could have been more. Should have been.
Last year Tage was named to be the next Magistrate in Hammar. It was the plan that Thormod Magnes should had taken the office from his father, but he did not come back from the outside. And although this was actually a good thing for the family honor, Tage is provoked because it came from another man! Also, Magne made the announcement without talking to Tage first, which made Tage seem even weaker and less in charge of things. He still hasn’t forgiven Magne for this.

Gertrud Tages

Smiles in the face of fear. Gertrud has learned to read her husbands moods and outbursts, as a sailor reads the sea. She still remembers the proud and handsome young man she married, but it’s been harder lately. Gertrud knows exactly what kind of people her kids are, but as long as they are better than their dad, Gertrud thinks she has improved them. She doesn’t care that they abuse others. Just as long nobody hurt her children.
Gertrud is born in Dalen and the love of her life was one of the men from there. They have explicitly agreed that they will never do anything to risk the life they both have now. But now it’s time for the trials and anything can happen…
They have both given up so much, for honor, and to make their families happy.
(It is up to the the player of Gertrud has to find out who is man from Dalen is, it can also be one of the Keips or one not in the game.)

Folke Tages

Folke fears his fathers unpredictable moods and quick temper. He tries to stay away from home as much as he can and it’s only gotten easier as his father’s disappointment grows. Instead he found his place as the leader of the boys pack in Hammar. With his loyal childhood friends Aksel Bjørns and Gustav Emils, he can do pretty much as he pleases when only kids are around. The three of them have had many adventures together. Folke enjoys the feeling of power and freedom he finds, that is the exact opposite of how things are for him at home.

He has always protected his younger sister, both from their dad and from everybody else in the town. Folke knows that Mille often crossed the line of what she should do, but he does not care. Mille is his sister and she will be a strong woman and Folke wishes he could make sure that only the right one will get to handle her in the future. Folke hates that his awful father will be in charge of finding matches for him and his beloved sister Mille. He hates not being able to control what might be the most important choice in his life. Instead, he’s started taking his frustrations out on Gustav. Folke knows he is probably being too cruel with his friend, but he just can’t help himself.

Mille Tages

Mille felt the vitality in herself at an early age. The boys were so fascinating and she found that they became flustered and easier to handle if she showed them her interest. Mille loves getting the boys in trouble. It makes her feel as powerful as her brother. Though sometimes she goes a little too far and has to use him as a threat. She’s even begun to try and see how the grown men react to her. Just never anywhere her father might catch wind of it. Mille can’t really see how the whole marriage thing is going to play out. None of the those poor, innocent boys in town could tame her. But maybe some of them grew up during their time away, better test them and see.

Keips of Hammar


Keip Carl

Carl was a kindhearted boy, but an absent-minded dreamer. Carl was and still is hopelessly in love with Laura Emils. Except it all so much more complicated now, than when he was a boy. When he realized he would never get to marry her, he choose the way of the keip instead. As a Keip, Carl is teaching the young boys to become responsible and honourable men, that don’t let their feelings lead them into mistakes and heartbreak, so no one else ends up in the same situation as him. And he teaches the girls to

He believes that the customs and values of the Mo are as near to perfect as anything could be, and his views are deeply conservative. His own experience is such clear evidence that the Mo way is the only way to deal with things.



The city of Dalen has a higher status then Hammar. But the fact that Dalen doesn’t have enough boys for their girls has forced them to the Brudpris at Hammar, to make sure they’ll get all their girls married away.


The Sondre family – The Oathkeeper family

The oathkeeper family from Dalen, a family of high status..
The first wife of Sondre died in childbirth of her 3rd child about 15 years ago.


Sondre is an older man. He has been oathkeeper for more then 30 years.

Sondre knows that he is not number one at this Brudpris, that he is the invite here, but he knows that the oathkeeper of Hammar is a young man and he might need some help. Sondre is willing to give this help, so that Hammar, where a lot of the people from his town will live soon, will be a better place.

He has answered every question a villager could ask, like he almost knows before people open their mouths, what they will say. Sondre has very few illusions left, just a unwavering belief in the eventual success of the Mo ways.

This Brudpris does present a conundrum for Sondre. His two youngest daughters are just as full of vitality as the rest of his women, even more so when together. Should he try to marry one off as the wife of the next Oathkeeper of Hammar? Would she be as vital once away from her sister? These are big questions with no easy answers. It’s been a long time since he had those on his mind.

Tova Sondres

Tove is the second wife and mother to Silla and Britta

Tova was a troubled and vital girl from a poor family, married to the aging Oathkeeper for her own safety. Things did not get easier when she bore him twin girls. She has learned the hard way to be honest with her husband, since he sees right through her. Surprisingly this is slowly becoming a relief for her, despite the harsh solutions to her problems.

Tova has done the women’s rite for Dalen for several years now and helped the first wife before that. Hammar’s young Oathkeeper brought a first wife, so of course she will lead this year, but Tova is ready with both advice and reproach, as needed.

Silla Sondres

Silla is the oldest of the twins. By two hours. She uses this fact to be the boss of her sister. There is still a lot of love between the two girls. Sille is a bit afraid of what will happen after they both get married, will she be able to be herself without her sister. She is so used to be Sille and Britta as a unit, that she is not sure who Silla is by herself.
In Sillas mind the best thing that could happen was if they were married to the same man and could be sister wives as well as real sisters. Would that be a Joy?
Both Silla and Britta are happy and dutiful girls, that will be easy to marry off. But if Silla doesn’t get her will she can show, that she for sure has inherited her mother’s vitality

Britta Sondres

Britta is the youngest of the twins. But not by much, she considers herself the equal of her sister, though sometimes she has to trick Silla into believing that she actually came up with their shared ideas to make them happen. There is a lot of love between the two girls. Britta is secretly excited to find out how life is once she is not with her sister, but tries to share her sister’s fear. She doesn’t want to hurt Silla.

Both Silla and Britta are happy and dutiful girls, that will be easy to marry off. Britta has, just like her sister, inherited some of her mother’s vitality, but Britta is much better then Silla to keep it controlled. Except from the part about looking at boys. Britta loves looking at the boys work. Sometimes she can forget what she is doing if a pretty boy walks by or if a boy’s shirt comes undone.

The Natås family – the magistrate family.

Small, but happy family that cannot last.

Has the honor of having keip Morten living under their roof.



Natås is a proud man and the magistrate in Dalen. He is married to Tyra and they have a very happy marriage. This causes Natås some concern, he knows that because of his standing he can’t continue with only one wife, but he doesn’t know how a second wife will affect the great balance and love already in his home. He is afraid that it will make Tyra unhappy. However, it is the honourable thing to do, he must bear his Burden, and if honour dictates it, he has to do it.

Natås and Stekkab are childhood friends. They have agreed that they’ll do everything they can to make sure that his son, Olle and Stellan’s daughter Asta will marry, to join their families and stay in Dalen together. Natås knowns that Stellan maybe doesn’t have the money, but they’ll find a way.

Tyra Natås

Tyra is very happy with her husband. She hides this as much as possible, to not make a fool of Natås and to not fall victim of gossip herself.

Tyra tries her very best to appear as strong as possible to onlookers, to make Natås look weak. If Natås is weak, he cannot be burdened with a second wife, and they can keep their loving home uninterrupted. But Tyra knows that she can’t push it too far. That would make Natås look too weak and he would lose honour. It’s a balancing act that she deals with every day.

Tyra often worry for the children, and for completely different reasons. Tinka is a bully and Tyra is afraid that she will never marry. She might not be bursting with vitality, but she is putting herself up for mean gossip, which can harm her prospects just as much. Olle is a sweet boy, far too sweet. Tyra can’t imagine how he will manage a household and sometimes finds herself hoping he will fail the test.

Tinka Natås

Tinka is from the richest and nicest family in town and she makes sure the other children knows that. For a long time she would be on her best behaviour as long as there were adults around, but even that grace is starting to slide.

Tinka is very charming and can be very sweet. She knows that her father’s position gives her some status and she is taking advantage of that, as much as possible. It’s not Tinkas fault that the other children are lower status than her, so why should she feel bad about it? You have to know your place, and Tinka knows that her place is on top.

Having grown up in a very loving home, Tinka is not without compassion or love. She loves her brother very much, but there is still some resentment. Tinka teased Olle a lot and usually told him that she was more man than he would ever be. She hopes to see that changed after his year beyond.

Olle Natås

As one of two boys his age in Dalen, Olle grew up surrounded by girls. He never seemed to be able to connect with Lauri, the other boy, and the older ones scared him.

Olle was quite content as it was. He didn’t care much for the rough play the boys did anyway and enjoyed the quiet company of the girls. Maybe a bit too much, since Olle has a tendency to fall in love easily. In fact, there is probably not a single girl in Dalen that Olle hasn’t been in love with at some point.

Olle is in general a sensitive boy and he is terrified of having to be patriarch. He really wants to become Keip instead, it suits him so much better, but he also knows that it would break his father if he failed the test of the men. Living with keip Morten has given him a lot of insight into the life of a Keip, however Olle feels much more akin to keip Sigge. If it was up to him, Sigge would be living with them and not Morten.

The Stellans family.

A family with low status and not that much money.
Stellans brother Valter died a while ago. Leaving a wife and a daughter behind. Stellan has taken her into his family, as an extra burden until the next Brudpris, where it will be decided what fate the two shall have.


Stellan has four women to marry away for the Brudpris and he does not have that kind of money.


Natås and Stellan are childhood friends. They have agree that they’ll do everything to make sure that his daughter, Asta and Natås’ son Olle will marry at a low price, so they’ll join their families and all stay in Dalen. Stellan do know that it might be expensive to marry Asta off and hopes she’ll behave at the Brudpris, so her price will not go to much up, so this plan can work. Stellan knows that Natås might just give him the money, but he is not sure his honor will allow that. Better if Stina manages to marry as a man and bring money for his real daughters.

Tina Stellans

Tina is the cornerstone in the Stellans family. Everybody in the family likes her and they can all rely on her.  She always knows when her kids are having trouble times and has word or a shoulder to cry on, no matter how busy she is. And for Stellan she is the perfect wife and gives him the support he needs and she tries to control her vitality now that they have two children, but she would really like to have a boy. This longing for a boy has been reactivated with Sten. Tina throws a lot of energy into making sure Sten becomes a man, so she can have a son. Tina knows there are other reasons for the change, but the reason is the most important for her.
Being the strong person for the rest of the family is hard. Very hard. Always be the one who supports the other and not getting much support the other way. It is a good thing she has Sanna Ebbes. They are friends. Tina borrows a lot of strength from Sanna and get a lot of good advice about handling life. Tina hopes that she can help Sanna as well.

Hanna Valter-Stellans.

The widow of Valter. Knows that the after her husband’s dead, that she is a burden on Stellan and is ready to be a second wife and intrude on yet one more family.
The time in the Stellan family has been fine. Stellan is a decent man, much like his brother was and Tina is a power house of a woman, so Hanna has not really found her role in the family yet, but she likes them.
Hanna fears what might become of Stina. She knows that Stellan does not have the money to get Stina well married. She would have ended up as a second wife and she to good a girl for that. So it is better to lose a daughter and gain a son, then. However much it may hurt now. At least she’ll be in control of her own life then. And Magne from Hammar seems happy enough the times Hanna has meet him.

Asta Stellans

Asta is strong willed and independent. When Asta grows up, she what to be like her mother. Being the person in a family everybody can rely on. So all she needs is a man and some children, then she start that part of her life. She can’t wait.
Asta and Frida Ebbes has been friends forever and they are not looking forward to be seperated. Worst thing that could happen is that they end up in seperate villages. But they have a plan. They make sure to to both end up in Hammar and even better, trying to get married to the same man. They are not sure how to fix this but they’ll try.
Asta knows of his fathers plans of marrying her off to Olle Natås, but she feels nothing for him and the chance of both her and Frida ending up in Dalen after marriage is simply too small for Asta to entertain the idea of Olle.

Tilde Stellans

A happy, extroverted and good girl, truly the daughter of her mother. Should be an easy match without a high price. Tilde knows that she has what it takes to be the wife of an important man and tries to find the boys that are lined up to succeed their fathers in office. She also know that her father does not have the status to bring her that married, so she just has to shine even more.

Up to the time Stina left,  Tilda helped her learn how to act like a man, just like when they played house together as kids. This time it was just more serious. Tilda have spend much of the time while Stina was away to find a understanding girl from Hammar for Stina. Tilde thinks that she will have some sort of control over who she is going to marry. and maybe if she can sweet talk her mother it might be that way.

Sten Valter-Stellans, formerly Stina Valter-Stellans

The daughter of Valter and Hanna.

Has now been beyond for a year and returns to be a man, which is being pushed by Stellan and Tina. Has seen the outside and likes the equality there.
Is in doubt if she could now become a man in Mo and win the freedom, that men have in Mo, if she doesn’t succeed, the people she known and love will suffer terrible futures.

Hopes to marry an understanding girl. Stina looks forward to

The Ebbe family.

A mid status family.

Outward the man look like one who is in control of his family.
The kids knowns that their family is wrong.



Ebbes only real skill is hiding the truth about his family. In all other matters he feels like everyone else knows better. When he was younger he tried standing up to Sanna, but soon learned how cruel she could be when things didn’t go as she wanted. And besides, she turned out to be right in so many cases.

Sanna Ebbes

Sanna sees how weak the foundations of the family is and tries to use her force of will to fix it. Without her strength the whole mess would fall apart.

Sannas only weak spot is her daughter Frida, whom she cannot bear to show the realities of Mo life or let her husband punish. She has no such reservations about her son Lauri.
Sanna is popular among the other women in Dalen, as she is full of good advice about how to handle their husband. And the advice is good as well. Just as shame Ebbe is such a thin man, so she can use none of her advice on herself. More only brute force works. Sanna knows that if it is ever found out, that she is in control i the family, Ebbes honour will drop below anybody else in the town and that will severly affect the entire family. So Sanna needs to keep her control secret.

Sanna has also secretly collected money and hid from her husband, so she can help tipping the balance on who the kids will marry.


Kirstin Ebbes

The number three in the family. When Kristin attended her Brudpris, not enough men was available. Kristin was thought of as a good girl and had a low brudpris. But for some reason, unknown to Kirstin, she ended up as a second wife to Ebbe.
If it had only been her and Ebbe, it might have been a good family, but Sanna is so mean to Ebbe, who then in turn is mean to Kristin.
Sometimes Kirstin whats to expose Sanna, either to the man council or to Tova Sondres, the oathkeeper wife. But she knows that if she does that, Ebbe will suffer even more and he does not deserve that. She have had long talks with the Keips about this and she get better and better to accept this, her life. But if only Sanna will accept that she have some kids with Ebbe, but she have never really had the change to start make them. Now it is Brudpris and Kirstin will try to be pregnant, one way or another. She will have kids now.


Lauri Ebbes

Having grown up in a family dominated by women and a town full of girls, Lauri never felt able to be himself. Instead, he closed off and learned to only trust his own counsel. It’s been lonely, but going out in the Beyond was even more lonely. So now Lauri is back, hoping to make a connection with the boys from Hammar. Hoping he will be able to outshine his useless father and impress someone enough that he will get an office and the respect that follows. He is a proud boy that sees a bright future for himself.


Frida Ebbes

Friends with Asta Stellans.
Frida and Asta has been friends forever and they are not looking forward to be seperated. Worst thing that could happen is that they end up in seperate villages. But they have a plan. They make sure to to both end up in Hammar and even better, trying to get married to the same man. They are not sure how to fix this but they’ll try.
Frida has learned how to behave from the Stellans family, so she is not as unprepared for the rest of Mo as her brother.


Keips of Dalen


Keip Morten

Because Dalen is such a big town, the role of magistrate is too big for one man. So Natås has gotten a Keip to help him in this role. That Keip is Morten. Morten lives with the Natås family and thus has an influence, albeit small, on the Men’s Council in town. This is a bit above the usual place a Keip takes in Mo society, so not all approve. Morten has to tread lightly around some of the townsfolk, but still does his duties wherever they are needed. He has been busy, first readying the boys for their trip to the Beyond, then pushing the girls the last bit of the way to womanhood. He considers it a point of pride when they are married off well and the town lineages are kept as strong as possible.


Keip Sigge

Sigge is soft and caring. That was obvious from a young age, taking care of wounded animals he hid from his father. Most in town could see that he had too much empathy to actually lead a household and put a woman in her place. But his own father never noticed him much. His men’s trial was brutally short and he failed spectacularly. He didn’t get to see his family after that, as he was sent off to be the newest keip in Dalen. That was almost worth it, for not having to face his father again. Keip Sigge may seem to have a lonely and sad fate, to some in Mo, but he is quite content having the freedom to go anywhere and be there for anyone. He loves helping the children grow into beautiful adults, giving some of the attention he never got himself.
Keip Sigge has taken special care of Olle Natås. That boy is too much like himself. But Olle’s father would rather have Keip Morten’s brand of strict instruction.




The Deserters.

They have deserted from the war and gone the only place where they know there is no war: Mo.
In Mo they must try to fit in or else they’ll have to go back and most likely be shot as deserters.

Elisabeth Clark (Young character)

Elisabeth is dead sick tired of war and it was her who talked the others into deserting.

She knows that Tommy is deeply love with her. Elisabeth is fond of Tommy, which is why she agreed to marry him, and she looks forward sharing a life together. This is something that could be possible in Mo and even though Malte has warned Elisabeth that she has to be very clever and keep her feelings hidden, otherwise there is no chance, Elisabeth is sure that Malte must be exaggerating.

Elisabeth is happy that she managed to convince Sandra to come with them. Elisabeth needs a real friend, and Sandra is exactly that. Sure, she might be a little far out with her religious views, but she is a soft counter to Elisabeths hard shell.

As a beyonder-woman Elisabeth is used to gender equality and she is not prepared to the Mo ways, even though she thinks she is after hearing Maltes stories. Malte was just a boy when he left, he doesn’t really know about the adult life in Mo, so how bad can it really be? If all else fails, Malte told Elisabeth that a woman can become man in Mo.


Malte Geres (Young character)

Malte is a Mo boy. During his year beyond, he meet with a conscription officer, who talked him into joining the army. He is the one who has suggested that the deserters should go to Mo and live sheltered from the war. He has told the others about the customs and ways of the Mo people and how they can fit in, and they all seemed to agree that is was their best option.
Malte is worried about what will happen when he returns. He has been beyond for four years and fought in the war with the outsiders. This is why he didn’t want to return to his father’s town for Brudpris, he feared what it would mean for the family honour. This also meant that he didn’t have a plan, something he didn’t dare tell the others, about returning to Mo. Thankfully, on their journey home they met Linus Ulfs, who convinced Malte to bring the group to his town for Brudpris. There is honor in hospitality and Linus could use that.


Tommy Miller (Young character)

Tommy is more of a follower and would probably never have left the army if it wasn’t for Elisabeth and Malte. Even though Malte has spoken fondly of Mo, explained what a great and peaceful place it is, something seems not quite right to Tommy. The customs doesn’t feel right, but it’s the best chance that he and Elizabeth have to live together, away from the war and the stress that comes with it. Above all, Tommy values peace and quiet, the exact opposite of what he has been living for the last years. The war has taken its toll on him and he hopes that the nightmares will lessen once they settled down in Mo.

Even though sensitivity to loud noises and a constant feeling of being on guard has Tommy in a tight grip, he manages to be able to reason himself out of it. His intellect, and the fiery Elisabeth, is what is holding him together. He doesn’t want to admit it, but conversations with Sandra about her religion, and religion in general, has calmed his nerves. Maybe it’s the rules and guidelines, there is no room for surprises, that does it, or the soothing thought that in the end there will be peace no matter what.


Sandra Hawks(Young character)


Sandra values and follows her religion to the point of fanaticism. Her faith prohibits her from harming other people in any way, which got complicated as she was drafted two years ago. She didn’t want to go to war, but had no choice. Thankfully she was sent to guard supply trains, after her first six months in training camp. However, after a year she was transferred to Elisabeths unit, to go to the front. Sandra refuses to cross a line drawn by her religion, so when Elisabeth started talking about deserting, she wasn’t very opposed to the idea.

Sandra learned about Mo from Malte and it is a terrible place. She has tried to tell both Elisabeth and Tommy that going to Mo is a bad idea, but Elisabeth won’t listen and Tommy would never go against her. A positive for Sandra is the opportunity to mission, perhaps save a soul or two. That is all she can look forward to.

She would rather run to Mo and live there, than to be forced to kill at the front. Her choices are down to kill or Mo.