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Our location. Photo by Mads Havshøj.

Welcome to the homepage for A few years later, a Brudpris larp, a larp about honour based culture and the family relations within it.

Brudpris is a larp by Anna-Karin Linder Krauklis and Carolina Dahlberg. A few years later is a larp set in the same world as Brudpris, but with new characters and new conflicts.

This game is organized by Liv Lykke Schubert, Mads Dehlholm Holst, Mads Havshøj and Oliver Nøglebæk, as well as the original authors, in cooperation with A New Hope.



Ryekol cottage in Gammel Rye


We expect to accomodate transport from the nearest station, Ry, which is about 5 km away.


12.-16. september 2018


1500 DKK ~ 200 EUR, payable as two halves if necessary.
Due date: 01.07.2018

Sign up

14.04.2018 to 13.05.2018
After that the lottery and casting in ultimo May.

Number of participants?

55 players.


This game will be run in english.

Age restriction?

Minimum of 18 years


Bring your own covers, we will supply mattresses. You bring sheets, pillow, blankets or sleeping bag. If you don’t have ingame appropriate sleeping gear, just bring a blanket to cover it with when not in use.

You’ll be sleeping with your family/group in closed off sections of the sleeping rooms.


We will supply all meals during workshopping and play. We strive to accommodate all diets (vegetarians, allergies, etc.)


There will be no consumption of alcohol before and during play.
After the game and after the debriefing workshops, alcohol is allowed and we’ll sell some beers and ciders. Don’t bring your own alcohol, as the is not meant as a party, but a cosy ending of a hard game.

Contact email:


I have already played Brudpris, can I play “Brudpris, a few years later”?


I have not played Brudpris, can I play “Brudpris, a few years later.”



Will “Brudpris, a few years later” be a continuations of one of the former Brudpris runs:



People doing this:

Liv Lykke Schubert
Mads Havshøj
Oliver Nøglebæk
Mads Dehlholm Holst
Ida Mia Thylstrup
Thomas Mertz
Anna Karin Linder and Carolina Dahlberg

Thanks to:
A New Hope – roleplay association in Herning.