Sign up procedure

The signup is open until may 13th, the link to the form is at the end of this page, but please read the procedure described here first:

“A few years later” can be a pretty intense game, we would therefore like to be sure that all players are comfortable with their co-players, so we have selected the following process for registration for the game:

  1. We open for signups during 14th of april to 13th of may.
  2. During your signup you will be asked which kind of characters you wants to play.

The possibilities are:

  • Boy
  • Man
  • Keip
  • Girl
  • Girl, that tries to become a man
  • Woman
  • Woman accepted as a man in Mo society
  • Deserter – (Boy or Girl from the beyond)

Another question we will ask in the signup is about which themes you would like to play upon and which you want to avoid. Some themes can’t be avoided in the larps ex violence against women and sexual assault, but other themes will be more significant in some characters. 

  1. We will send an email, with a list of all possible participants, to those who registered for the larp. You will then get the opportunity to tell us if there are any of the other possible participants, that you are not comfortable playing with in a close relation. Deadline for this is the 18th of May. During the casting of roles, we will take this into account.
  2. We draw lots among the signups, cast the characters and create a reserve queue.
  3. Players now have until the 1st of June to accept their role and pay the participation fee by latest 1st of July. Otherwise we will offer the role to a player in the reserve queue.

The fine print:

  • It is not important when you sign up, as long you do it in the registration period.
  • It will not reduce your chances to participate in the game if you mark another player as one you’ll be uncomfortable playing with. Your announcement is only for internal use, are only read by the organizers and will not appear anywhere, and we’ll delete the data after the run of the game.
  • If you reject the role we offer you and we can not immediately find someone who would like to swap roles with you, you will instead be placed in the reserve queue.
  • The more types of characters you are willing to play and the more info you give us about your preferred character, will make it easier for us to cast you and increase your chance of being casted from the reserve queue.

Please fill in the signup form here.