The project

Design philosophy

We believe that larp is best when based on trust, safety, transparency and mutual respect. We strive to uphold those principles in all our design choices and participant interactions.

Non-profit larp

The project is primarily financed by participant fees, secondarily by small equipment grants and surplus from previous larps. We do not pay our organizers or budget for profit, but we compensate our helpers for travel and expenses directly related to the project, as well as fairly pay any professionals (musician, photographer) we hire. Any unplanned surplus from our conservative budgetting will be directed to future projects and/or donated to relevant larp-related projects or charities (we’ve previously sponsored Larpfund and Kin).


Liv Lykke Schubert – Creative, safety and player contact


Mads Holst- Finance and location


Mads Havshøj – Practical and everything that does not fit in other places


Oliver Nøglebæk – Creative, workshops and website



Thomas Mertz – chef
Jesper Hjortshøj Nørr Petersen

Pernille Thede Jakobsen

Practical assistant

Troels Thylstrup

Authors of the original Brudpris

(and supporters of Brudpris – A few years later)

Anna Karin Linder and Carolina Dahlberg


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