What is new?

Our story takes places a few years after the story told by the original Brudpris scenario, but is not a continuation. Instead it takes place in the towns of Hammar and Dalen. In these two towns we, together with the players, will tell a new story from Mo, with new characters and conflicts, but also revisit some of the fundamental tensions that made Brudpris such a good game.
In the few years since we last visited the Mo, things have changed beyond and that have affected Mo. The great war raging in The Beyond has come closer to the borders and fewer boys return from their year beyond, and thus fewer men to marry the women of Mo. Those boys who do return, talk about friends being lured into the army by conscription officers with false promises of honour and some that are simply abducted while they sleep.

In Mo nothing fundamental has changed. With fewer boys coming home to be men, taking a second wife is less of a rarity now and less of a shame for the woman or honour for the man. Even a young man might be called upon to take two wives. The question is, how long can this excess of vitality be kept down.
To ensure all women are safely married, Brudpris exchanges are held between villages that only a few years back, would never meet.
So that is why the the high status village of Dalen, with too many girls, has accepted the invitation to Brudpris from low status town Hammar, with a promise of enough boys.